Aqua Zonic - AirAid 240 AC/DC Air Pump (120 LPH x 2)

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  • AC/DC powered. Functions as a normal air pump but automatically switches to DC mode during a power failure.
  • 15 hours of backup aeration.
  • Energy saving Pulsing Mode that further increases battery life.
  • Low noise, low vibration.
  • Increases oxygen levels in your aquarium.
  • Lithium-Ion battery Air Pump.
  • Model AirAid 240 (2 outlet).


  • Provides aeration in aquarium.
  • Provides back-up aeration during a power failure.
  • Provides aeration during transportation of fishes.
  • Outdoor use (e.g. fishing trips).

3 Operational Modes

Operational Modes Plugged in with Electrical Supply No Electrical Supply
(e.g. power failure)
On Continuous aeration. Battery charging. Continuous aeration until battery is flat.
Off No aeration. Battery charging. No aeration.
Pulse Pulsing aeration. Battery charging.

Pulsing aeration until battery is flat.

Technical Specifications

Air Pump Model Voltage Power Pressure Output / Outlet Outlet(s)
AirAid 240 DC 5V 4W >0.014Mpa 2L/min 2

AirAid 240
Voltage: DC 5V
Power: 4W
Pressure: >0.014Mpa
Output/Outlet: 2L/min
Outlet(s): 2