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CHIHIROS RGB A Plus Series | RGB A301 Plus Planted Tank LED Light | For 30-45 cm tanks | Wireless App Control

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The RGB A-Plus by Chihiros is a series of lamps that makes aquariums and aquascapes shine in a very special colourful splendour. The lamp is particularly suitable to show the different colors of plants and animals alike in all beauty.

With the RGB A Series Chihiros presents an aquarium LED lighting with inbuilt bluetooth controller of full light spectrum for rich and vivid colors. The LED provides the optimum lighting for plant growth and the colours of the fish appear more luminous then ever before.

With its full light spectrum and a wide range of wavelengths provides the optimum light required for plant growth. The aquarium plants remain healthy and colourful. It optimizes and improves the environment for the growth of the aquarium plants and makes the colors of the fish appear more luminous.

Full light spectrum
Luminous and vivid colours
In-built bluetooth controller

Technical Data
Series RGB A301 PLUS
Power Consumption: 23w
Luminous Flux: 970 lumen approx

Suitable Tank Size: 12-18″ | 30-45cm