Fluval C4 Hang-on Filter | Up to 265 Litres

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Fluval C-Series is the world’s first and only 5-Stage clip-on power filter that offers two mechanical phases, a chemical phase and a two biological phases for amazing water clarity.

  • Designed for aquariums between 40 and 70 gallons
  • Two Mechanical stages trap large and fine debris – foams easily slide out for quick cleaning
  • Chemical stage with activated carbon effectively removes toxins
  • Biological stage features Bio-Screen pad – blocks debris and provides massive surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
  • Biological Trickle Chamber – super charged for fast and efficient nitrification when loaded with Fluval C-Nodes
  • Patented refiltration control system permits slower water output to protect delicate fish/plants and increase contact time with media
  • Independent filtration stage management – changes can be made at different times while maintaining continuous biological activity
  • Cleaning indicator notifies user when polyfoam needs rinsing
  • Made in Italy
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums

  • 2 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. For registration please visit: fluvalaquatics.com/warranty



  • Poly/Foam
  • Activated Carbon
  • C-Nodes
  • Bio-Screen Pad
  • Fluval C4 Filter

Fluval C4 Instruction Manual

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