Jebao - RW-20 Wavemaker

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Jebao- RW 20

Don’t let the word “Wireless” mislead you into thinking the connection of the controller to the pump is wireless, as this is not the case. However, the communication that takes place between controllers is uniquely “Wireless”. Function activation and mode changes of the “Slave” controls are automatically done through the “Master” controller.

The knob position and flow rate of secondary controls that are used to change the pumps flow rate are not affected by the main controls. Users will need to do this by hand (manually), directly at the pump.

Flow Rate Adjustment:

By pushing the “SPEED/FEED” button located on the controller, the flow rate of currents and waves from 1700LPH (450 GPH) to 20,000LPH (5280GPH) can be changed.

Jebao RW-20 Adjustable powerhead

Modes Introduction:

The smart controller is a device that gives users the opportunity to choose from a range of wave patterns.

W1: Wave mode:

Wave movement in aquariums can be made in the W1 mode by moving the powerhead on and off. Changing the knob affects the length needed for waves. Decreased waves are the result of moving the knob in a counter-clock motion, and the lengthening of waves is the result of moving the knob in the clockwise motion.

Pumps of two or more can operate one at a time from the knob while in the W1 mode, which starts one and stops the other concurrently.

W2: Sine Mode:

The user can work more than one pump simultaneously when the W2 mode is chosen. Flow rates are changed, starting at 30% and going up to 100% in the Sine mode. The result of this action is it creates curves in the flow. This mode should also be selected when users require the flow speed to be changed.

Else: Random Mode:

There are several different modes that are used while in the Else or “Random” mode, providing various wave sizes and current lengths. This is a mode that can be used when operating one or more pumps. Since it requires no specific data, it is provided randomly.

H: Flow Mode:

Whether there are one or more freshwater or saltwater aquariums or pumps, the constant flow from a pump is adjustable and can be obtained in this mode. Users can change the flow’s rate easily by pressing the button labeled “SPEED/FEED”.

C: Shift To Flow Mode:

The C mode creates a simultaneous “Cycle” of operations from two pumps. The work of one pump is done while the other is at rest, and then the pumps switch – the other pump takes over while the first is at rest. The “SPEED/FEED” button should be pressed to switch the flow rate, and the length of time for each “Cycle” can also be adjusted by using the knob.

Controller Functions:

Night Function:

A reduction in the speed of the flow rate is achieved when the night function is selected. This is a function commonly used when rooms change from light to dark.

Feed Function:

When dwellers in the aquarium need to be fed, it’s easy for the pump to be paused for 10 full minutes using the feed function.

Knob Locking Function:

This is a handy function that locks settings that have been selected for a pump. No modifications are made to the wave patterns or time lengths of shifts, as they are fixed.