Skimz - Super Silent Wave maker

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High flow is very important to maintaining a thriving healthy aquarium. Aquariums with poor flow can experience algae outbreaks and toxic waste forming in hard to reach areas.

Skimz SuperSilent wavemaker pumps use high-quality, smooth 6 poles DC motors and ultra-quiet sine-wave technolgy. The controllers can be linked wirelessly to synchronise modes and up to 6 wavemakers can be linked.

SuperSilent wavemaker has very small footprint and uses less power. There are also one-touch 10 minute feeding mode, automatic self-cleaning system and photo-sensor night mode.

SuperSilent wavemaker pump has six flow modes. You can adjust the modes with the frequency dial and speed button.

SuperSilent wavemaker features:

• Smooth 6 Pole DC Motor
• Ultra Quiet Sine-Wave Technology
• Wireless Link "Wave Sync"
• One Touch Feed Mode
• Photo-Sensor Night Mode
• Self Cleaning