Kamoer X1 PRO T Stepper Dosing Pump

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The Kamoer X1 PRO T is a quiet, compact, single-channel continuous micropump with an adjustable flow rate and mobile control. It features the same compact form factor of the Kamoer X1, but with a precise stepper motor and a KFS pump head rated for continuous use. These upgrades make the X1 PRO T ideal for use in calcium reactors, denitrators, gradual water changes, and even as a titration pump for accurately dosing trace elements. With the free mobile App and a WiFi connection, you can easily adjust the flow of your X1 PRO T-- even while the pump is running. 



  • Continuous duty application
  • Highly precise step motor
  • Adjustable flow rate (1mL - 70mL/min)
  • Easy calibration
  • WiFi controllable via free mobile App
  • Threaded connectors to prevent dose line leakage
  • Replaceable PharMed Tubing
  • Non-corrosive high-quality plastic geared pump



Dosing Channels: 1

Flow Rate: Adjustable 1 - 70 mL/min

Tubing Size: ⅛” ID

Tubing Life: 2000 Hours

Dosing Times: 24x/day - 1x/99 days

Dosing Accuracy: <+/-2%

Dosing Volume: 0.1mL - 9999mL

Max Head Pressure: 32 ft

Dimensions: 3.94”L x 3.62”W x 2.48”H

Power Input / Output: 100-240V AC

Warranty: 1 Year


What’s Included

  • 1x X1 PRO T Dosing Pump
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 2x Soft Tubing (⅛”)
  • 1x 10mL Plastic Measuring Cylinder

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