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Everything is fine but the price is little bit higher than other websites

Good But Not Noiseless

It's a good pump but not as noiseless as advertised.


Genuine and quick delivery

good products

good products

Excellent food for goldfishes

Excellent food for my 4 inches goldfishes
They love it. Easily digested. Less waste produced as compared to other foods.
Over all a nice product from Hikari.

Stable and Running

It’s a good product. Stable and running well.

Neat packing and competitive pricing

Ordered this food for my cichlid tank. Packing was really good and delivery was quick. Also I contacted customer care regarding a small doubt and they responded really well. Satisfied with my purchase

Defective product.

This seller is genuine and rest products which I ordered are of high quality and thus not taking away any credit from the seller, however I don't know whats wrong with product etc. as it is always showing 29c. Not sure whether I placed at the wrong place or this is defective product.

Does the job perfectly

Primarily I use DoPhin 1600 but decided to use 104 sponge filter and I can confirm that it is noiseless and doing the job perfectly/

Quality and geniune product

Sinking pellets, not much causing cloudiness and my fancy goldfishes are really loving this, haven't seen any drastic changes in the color or growth though.

Hikari First Bites | Food for Fish Fry
Gowtham Sundaram Gowtham Sundaram
Excellent food for new born fries

I can see visible growth in a week fries love to eat this good for the new born fries..

Good quality item

Hikari products are no doubt the best

Saki Hikari Fancy Goldfish Balance
Naveenchander Chaudhry
Excellent food for goldfish.

My goldfishes are about 4" . They love the food. It is easily digested. Comparative less waste produced by them.

Marine food

Food is genuine and shipping is so fast...but price is little bit high....but I like to reorder again


good quality with competitive price.... prompt delivery in a 'bullet proof' packing.

Very Good Product, I have two bichir grow fastly

Awesome slow and continuous release of bacteria

It works for a month! daily and always releasing small amount of bacteria. I have seen huge difference in the detritus in dead spots.

Good for small fishes, quality product from hikari

Hikari is known for their high quality products, no exception in this case also. All my guppies and betta accepted the food in first attempt and they all love these tiny sticks. The sticks sinks very slowly so everybody gets their chances to munch on them.

very good product

best product

Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel
Naveenchander Chaudhry
Naveen C

Nice Food for my goldfishes. The only problem is the water becomes cloudy even if quantity of food fed to my goldfishes is proportionate.

Nice food for my Goldfishes.

The only problem is that the water becomes cloudy even if small quantity of food is fed to the goldfishes.

Good Product

Very nice filteration

UltraLife Blue-Green Slime Remover

Did the work as promised in a single dose.

ISTA Max Mix CO2 Reactor
Mahammadul Karim
Very nice

Best product at this budget, great service