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Best Food ever

Best food for healthy fish with vibrant colours

Nice and good quality bag

Plastic zipper is additional good value for this wonderful mesh bag

Good pump

Using it as return pump for small tanks and going good. Nice pump

Good Pump

Good pump and will go good with monthly maintenance

Good and going super

With monthly maintenance I am sure this will go for a long time. Good pump.


Really want to have one, when can we have in the stock

Decent light, Slow shipping

The light itself is good and quite bright. It gives more like yellowish tint than the moonlight or daylight. Hopefully should be good for medium light and carpet plants. That said, the shipping was quite slow. Took almost two weeks to reach my home which is less than a day's drive distance from the store.

All time best

Good Product

Brightwell Aquatics PhytoGreen-M - Green Phytoplankton 10-15 micron

Saki Hikari

Awesome product and delivered as expected and on time

It was expired

The amino I got was expired.. It was very disappointing

Reef roids

Recommended food the best in class

Excellent pump

Silent yet powerful air pump

Good bag

Very good bag, especially for small granules as media. I used it for Phosbond.

SUNSUN - HW-303B External Canister Filter with UV

Good product I haven't started using it but the fit and finish of the product is very good. I hope it will give good results.

Hikari Seaweed Extreme

This is the best herbivore food! Gothrough food for tangs particularly feneaky tangs like naso powders and shoulders!

Nice food for energy dependent fish like anthias chromis and small fish with high metabolic rate as contains upto 15%fats

RedSea product

Awesome results

PolypLab COLORS 200% | ultra-pure amino acids concentrate

Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Pellets

Works perfectly

I have noticed that these really work better than the general sponges (those recatangular shaped)
Overall get yourself these and you can use them for like a year.

Aquaforest Sea Salt Mix

Fast delivery genuine product