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Glad to Receive the correct and quality product

I received the product in 2 days in Bangalore. The quality is good and this is a trustworthy site. I was skeptical before however, the service and product quality changed my mind. will buy other products for my aquarium from here. Thank you, Team.

About the eggs

I think the eggs should be packed in a seal plastic bag inside the tin because ounce you open the tin the eggs remain expose to the air..the eggs hatch well but babies die very quickly.

Good product

Wonderful product. Absolutely no leak of CO2 . Good alternative to the more expensive options.

My fancy goldfishes just love this food

My fancy goldfishes just love this food, if you have a good filter then there shouldn't be any issues.

Hikari Marine S
awesome food for small to medium marine fishes

my tangs, blennies, angels loved it so much. very good and quality fish food and best price here in Indians aquariums.

Lightly stocked


Lightly stocked

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Hikari Vibra Bites

This is the second time I ordered through Indian Aquarium and the ordering was smooth but the delivery was soo fast that I am very happy with that. Continue the good work and many more orders coming in future.

Super high quality fish food and at best price

Great quality products
Genuine products

DD Coral lens.

Picture quality of goggles is much better than this DD lens.

D-D Coral View Glasses
Rajesh Sengal


Delivered on time, true original packet I have received with proper mfg. date & batch code of NLS

New Life Spectrum Food is great, their ingredients speak for themselves. Far better than major brands like Hikari, Tetra, OF, etc.

1 - 1.5m pallets are quite large for my tetra fishes very small tetras like amber, green neon, and rasbora struggle to eat them. So need to crush it before feeding.

The color got slightly enhanced with food after 15 days. But let's see how it goes in the long term, my fishes are already healthy and colorful. No huge difference.

And probiotic cultures-infused food is just a gimmick nothing is happening in the tank, maybe because my tank is already cycled and the water is crystal clear. If you have a new tank that is not well cycled probiotic cultures can clear the water.

Pallets are crazy tough even I can not crush them with fingers no matter how hard you pinch. Please have an option of small-size pallets guys.

The rest of the products, delivery, packaging, and service are great i am impressed with it.

"Please include the option of adding photos in the reviews."

Nice product

Works silently. It is worth the cost.

Excellent Product

It is an excellent Product. Work silently. Looks nice and about all a good source of beneficial bacteria.

Hikari Fancy Guppy
Alexander Leo
Good service

Quick dispatch

Flower harm

My fish was some skin infection pls tell medicine

genuine product.

Yhe product receieved is genuine ans original pack from nuptune.
Worka like a charm.

Very nice product

Very nice product

Very fast Service

Original part and fast service

Prefect food for Cory fish.

I have Adolfo's catfish and Venezuela catfish they like it!

as of now its silent vibration ...connected to a splitter of four outlets
It gave reasonable pressure in all four


Everything is fine but the price is little bit higher than other websites

Good But Not Noiseless

It's a good pump but not as noiseless as advertised.


Genuine and quick delivery