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Not working properly

Acuuret temperature not showing

604B Spare Pump.

2 things you need to know, 1> The outlet size is different from the regular 603B, outlet here is 16mm, so you would need a 12mm to 16mm connector, and 2> the pump emits a slight humming sound, so if you are planning to keep this for your bedroom tank, it will be audible at night.

The flow on the other hand is great. Really gets the job done for nano tanks (i have mine set up on an 8gallon densely planted tank and it filters nicely.
I use only the black sponge as the 1stlayer, and then 1L ADA Bio as the 2nd layer.

Require expiry date of FH G1 PRO REDSYN.

Good product

Very good product

Works amazing well

Within 24 hrs you can see the slime algae go brown and die off

Sunsun CT-202 Two Way Silent Air Pump

ADA Vita-mix conditioner
Arjun Dwarakanath

ADA Vita-mix conditioner

Best product

One of the best light just go for it


Excellent service and quality product.

Good pump

Good silent pump.

Red Sea Salt
Palash Saphui
Good Salt

Good Salt for marine aquariums

ADA La Plata Sand
Eeshan Chettri

ADA La Plata Sand

Good fit price wise competitive than other forum 👍

It’s good but problem is it does not last long an this time delivery of the product was also delayed due to new delivery service

PolypLab Reef Roids | Engineered Coral Food
Sathiyamoorthy Krishnamoorthy
Worst Customer Service

Although I received this product at blazing speed, yet few products didn’t turn up until I’ve reminded them 5 to 10 times, even now for a product which I’ve placed the order on the 19th of Dec till date there’s no sign of shipment yet, I’ve reached out thrice no response yet.

Purchase of Tetra TetraBits Complete | 300 grams

Quality product, on time delivery and good packing too.

Works amazing well and Best for all types of algae

Works better than any other brands in completely eliminating algae. But once the algae clears up you need to address the underlying cause of algae

Australian Black Worms PLUS SPINACH - Freeze Dried Black Worm Cubes

ADA Moss Cotton (200m) | Fix Moss on driftwood

Perfect filter for a nano tank

prety small filter for a nano tank. engough space to add few ceramic ring and bit of activated carbon. water flow has to be adjusted to make all the outlet flow happen via the spout.

ISTA 3 in 1 Compact V Diffuser | with bubble counter & check valve


On 1st December'21, i had written to Indian Aquarium Mr. Ram Prakash, for my First order placed with the Indian Aquarium. Order #7609

HOWEVER, NO RESPONSE has been received even as of today, the 8th December'21 !
The mail details are as summarized below :
The order consisted of :
1. Seachem Clarity - 100 mL
2. ADA Super 4 - 1 packet
3. ADA Bio Rio Premium Filter Media - 1 Litre

For the ADA Bio Rio Premium Filter Media received, there was NO bag found in the ADA packet, in which the Bio media could be placed !
The ADA Super 4 - 1 packet was actually placed inside the Bio media packet.

Could you kindly confirm the order discrepancy ?
Nishant Kalra
( 8287045040 / 9818994352 )

Very Good and my fish love very much

ADA Super 4
Gopal Sharma
Good Aquatic Fertilzer

If it's ADA Brand, nothing more to add. The brand speaks itself.

2Hr Aquarist APT Complete All in One Fertiliser