AQUARIO NEO Original Normal Acrylic Co2 Diffuser | Ceramic Membrane

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  • Very small CO2 diffusor
  • Produces fine CO2 mist
  • Special ceramic membrane for CO2
  • Made out of acryl glass
  • Suction cup included

The Aquario NEO CO2 Diffusor U Type is an acrylic CO2 Diffusor. The special ceramic membrane produces a fine mist and the CO2 gets dissolved very quickly. Perfect for planted tanks.

If the lower part is completely filled with water, the bubbles can also be counted directly in the diffuser without any problems.


Before use, immerse the diffuser in water for 10 minutes so that all the air in the diffuser is displaced. If there is still air in the diffuser, larger bubbles may form at the bottom of the diffuser ceramic.

Aquario NEO - CO2 Diffusor - Small
Height 85 mm
Width 24 mm
Membrane diameter 12 mm
Fits hose 6/4 mm
Fits aquarium Upto  100Litres
Aquario NEO - CO2 Diffusor - Medium
Height 85 mm
Width 28 mm
Membrane diameter 16 mm
Fits hose 6/4 mm
Fits aquarium 100-200 Litres
Aquario NEO - CO2 Diffusor - Large
Height 105 mm
Width 35 mm
Membrane diameter 23 mm
Fits hose 6/4 mm
Fits aquarium 200-400 Litres

Customer Reviews

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Krishna Chaitanya
High quality as expected

Along with diffuser it comes with u bend and 2suction cups. Made of acrylic beautiful