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CHIHIROS B45 RGB Planted LED Light | For 45-65 cm tanks

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Chihiros B Series LED System is a lighting series for aquariums up to 140 cm wide.

Equipped with a mixture of white and RGB LEDs, the luminaire provides a bright light to help even challenging aquatic plants grow beautifully.

In the B series, the white LEDs are arranged in the outer area and the RGBs in the middle.

In this way, an even distribution of the colour spectrum is ensured. As a result, the painstakingly assembled aquascape is ideally illuminated and the colours of aquatic plants and creatures are made to shine.

Light intensity, lighting breaks and entire daily routines can be individually tailored to the aquascape with the help of the “My Chihiros APP” and the Commander


  • LED lighting for the aquarium
  • With adjustable holders
  • Both white and RGB LEDs are built in
  • Available in different sizes
  • Made of sturdy and light aluminum
  • with app controller included
  • Control with the “My Chihiros APP”
  • Model - B45
  • Tank Size - 45-65cm
  • Light Size - 426x56x12mm
  • Glass Thickness - Max 8mm
  • LED Quantity - 36 pcs White 9 pcs RGB 3 in 1
  • LED Colour - White
  • Luminous Flux - 1747lm
  • Power - 28.9Watts


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