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CHIHIROS A Series II | A II 301 Planted Tank LED Light | For 30cm tanks | Wireless App Control

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These A II series LED lights from Chihiros are specially designed for densly planted, openly operated freshwater aquariums. They are full-spectrum lamps covering a spectral range of approx. 400 - 700 nm, with a strong focus on the red and blue range without neglecting the green-yellow rays. The individual LEDs have a colour temperature of about 8.000 Kelvin and their uniform arrangement in 3 rows across the entire lamp ensures a well-balanced illumination.

The LED lamps are equipped with an integrated Bluetooth controller. This distinguishes them from the A series, which requires an external device. The controller allows you to easily set the timer, light intensity, sunrise and sunset simulations via "My Chihiros APP".

With a width of only 6,7 cm and a height of 1 cm, these aquarium lamps are extremely slim in design, making them very unobtrusive in the room. They are attached to a transparent acrylic holder, emphasizing the attractive design of the case, which acts as an indirect heat sink. The feature to swivel the lamps of the A II series gives the aquarium keeper a wide range of options for illuminating his tank in an individual way.

All Chihiros Lights come with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


The LED housing is splash-proof according to IP43 and can, therefore, be operated over open aquariums without hesitation. Even the combination with a cover plate is no problem. The lamps of series A II are not designed to be used under a closed top. The LEDs would corrode, due to the water vapour.


  • Especially for densly planted tanks
  • Slim design
  • Built-in Bluetooth controller
  • Programmable through "My Chihiros App"
  • For freshwater devised
  • Acrylic holder allows rotation of the lamp
  • Including quality power supply unit

    Technical Data
Series A II - 301
Power input AC110 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 14 W
Colour temperature ca. 8.000 K
LEDs 30 pieces
Luminous flux ca. 1.400 Lumen

Customer Reviews

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Robin Rex G
Decent lighting solution for small tanks

Good illumination for the size and sleek form factor as well. Would have been better if it had an adjustable mount (as my tank is not exactly 30cm width)