API Ammonia Test Kit

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Are your fish gasping for air at the surface of your tank? Do they look lethargic or tired?
Are they eating less or have they completely lost their appetite? Perhaps they’re frequently getting sick. Maybe a few of your fish have already died?

It could be due to ammonia poisoning. It doesn’t take much of it to stress fish; in fact too much ammonia is the number one killer of tropical fish.
Your water may be clear but the danger is you can’t always see if there’s too much ammonia.

One of the easiest ways to measure ammonia levels is with API's Ammonia Test Kit.
It only takes a few minutes to test your aquarium water and you’ll know straightaway if there’s harmful ammonia present in your fish tank.

It’s easy to use, has clear instructions, and you can quickly identify the health of your aquarium water with the included colour cards. If it stays yellow it’s good, if it turns green then you’ve elevated ammonia in your tank.

The test kit can be used for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

It’ll last you ages (130 tests) and the test bottles come with child safety caps so you don’t need to worry if your curious kids accidentally get their hands on them.

Test Kit Details:

  • For fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • 130 tests
  • 2 test bottles with child-safety cap
  • 1 glass test tube with snap tight caps
  • Laminated colour cards
  • Instruction booklet