ANS Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner Lily Pipe Inlet 13mm

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ANS Stainless Steel Lily Pipe inlets are perfect for planted tanks. Crafted from surgical grade stainless steel, these aquarium lily pipes provide a sleek look and are resistant to scratches, rust, and substance buildup. The stainless steel lily pipes are extremely durable, easy to clean and can withstand acidic or alkaline water parameters. The inlet pipe is fitted with thin gaps, ensuring that particles and debris are removed while also avoiding blockage from larger particles and most importantly keeping freshwater fish, and shrimp safe from being sucked up.  

This set comes with an attachable surface skimmer. Aquarium surface skimmers are essential to keep the surface of the water clean and free from debris, plant trimmings, and bio-film while keeping fish and shrimp safe. Accumulated substance on the surface is cleared with a gentle flow to ensure CO2 gas is not wasted.