AQUARIO NEO CURVED SPECIAL CO2 Diffuser | Ceramic Membrane

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World's Best Co2 Diffusers need no introduction, they produce the finest co2 bubbles for your planted aquarium. The AQUARIO NEO CO2 Curved diffuser dissolves carbon dioxide into a fine mist of bubbles which allows for better dissolution in your water column. The NEO CO2 Diffuser Curved Special Acrylic type allows for a cleaner look. The best part? It's made of PC so it won't break easily! We've tested this product ourselves by throwing it on the floor and they don't break.  

  • Finest bubbles in the world.
  • Neo Diffusers are made up of PC Pipe, stronger than acrylic not easily breakable.
  • Chamber for easily putting Co2 pipe.


Why Neo Diffusers are best in the world ?

Micro Holes
The Aquario NEO CO2 Diffuser has super tiny micro nano holes that make CO2 bubbles disperse in a super fine mist. This super-fine mist makes it easier for the CO2 to break down in your aquarium. Super Efficient ! 
 Aquario NEO CO2 Diffuser at 150 times magnification - SUPER POROUS 
Other Name Brand Glass diffuser at 150 times magnification - NOT AS POROUS 

  • For finer bubbles, put it in water for 10-15 minute before use.
  • If the bubble become bigger, put diffuser in bleach for 5 minute. After that, remove the bleach and use it.

Whats in the box ?
Diffuser x 1
Suction Cup x 2


Aquario Brand Website: Link

Patented Product by Aquario South Korea 
Produced 100% in South Korea

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