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Artemia nauplii are efficiently and economically reared in a specially constructed funnel-shaped breeding container with vigorous aeration. The funnel shape of the breeding container ensures that no eggs can become trapped in inaccessible corners, ensuring optimum hatching results. JBL Artemio Set contains all parts required to breed Artemia nauplii efficiently:

+ Modern funnel-shaped breeding container with domed lid and stand (can be wall-mounted).
+ Harvesting container and sieve to separate nauplii from salty breeding water.
+ Reliable aerating pump and air hose ready for use.

The design of the breeding container as a funnel with an outlet tap mounted on a specially constructed stand makes the removal of the hatched nauplii simple and convenient. The funnel shape of the brood conatiner combined with good aeration provides the best conditions for the maximum hatching rate of the nauplii. It therefore the most effective method of feeding young fish. JBL Artemio Set can be extended as often as required by simply connecting further brood conatiners with stands (JBL Artemio 1). The lid of the container has been skilfully designed to allow the operation of as many extensions as required using only one air pump. By staggering the setting up times of several containers, a continual supply of live food can be produced to provide sensitive young fish with fresh live food daily on tap.