Boron Profi Test Kit

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Boron is essential to the maintenance of balance in saltwater aquariums. Too low a concentration can slow the growth of corals and calcareous algae, excessive lead to an accumulation of boric acid, which can act as a bactericide, so important bacteria are killed.

The boron content of natural seawater is relatively low and is between 4.4 mg / l and 4.8 mg / l. 
Monthly Bormessungen are therefore recommended. 
The Salifert Boron Profi-Test Set measures the naturally occurring boron in steps of 0.5 mg / l.

Salifert Boron Test

    * Measures boron in the areas of natural occurrence 
    * Measures in increments of 0.5 mg / L. The levels of boron in the NMW varies in the range of 4.4 – 4.8 mg / L 
    * A high concentration of boron to affect many essential bio-running – cycling 
    * The result of a low boron concentration is the very slow growth of corals and calcareous algae 
    * The test quantity is supplied for 25 tests 
    * Only for use in sea water