Boyu FT-Series Fluidized Bed Filter

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BOYU Fluidized Bed Filter is an extremely efficient, high-capacity biofilter. This biofilter participates in nitrification to remove toxic ammonia. Its crystalline sand filtration media can keep beneficial bacteria and create a membrane around the sand. The pumped water will turn the sand into the fluidized bed and the bacteria will remove ammonia, nitrite and other wastes. The sand is continuously free-falling in the water and there will be excellent transfer between water and bacterial film on the sand.
This filter can be hung on the wall of the aquarium, or immersed in water, placed in a cabinet.
The crystal sand filtration media can keep the water tank stable, can be used in both salt and fresh water steps.
It can also hold ion exchange resins to improve the aquarium water quality.
Many of these filters can be connected in parallel if your aquarium is extremely large.