BOYU - JX-10 for 2 Wave Maker / Circulation Pumps

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  • BOYU JX-10
  • Intermittent Switch
  • 2 Channel Operation
  • 1 Mins per setting


  • Using CMOS digital IC for oscillation and frequency division.
  • Stable, accurate and reliable !
  • Adopt the universal power sockets with various specifications.
  • Build in fuse can protect the switch and prevent overload of output from damaging the fittings.
  • Circult-A and Circult-B operate alternately and the output times can be adjusted at will.
  • 1 mins to 60 mins setting.

This product is used for various electrical appliances working alternately in the aquariums and minitype fountains and other electrical appliances that operate intermittently.


  • For Make Flow - You connect your pump for Circult A works 1 mins. And then switch to Circult B pump works 1 mins. Provides your tank like a ocean/river flow. No dead water in your tank!
  • For food timer - You can using this switch for operate 3 mins food timer that no excessive food when the pump operate.
  • For Lighting - Idea for different lighting for special plants/coral. You can operate 1 hours to blue/red/yellow bulb and 1 hours for white bulb.
  • For save heating - Operate with 1 hours operate with pump or light in A circult and operate B circult Pump/light . It's can using less heating in your tank! Save your overload of equipment