BOYU - S-510 Silent Air Pump (240 LPH x 1)

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Use: Appliance used for water circulation and oxygenation, if connected to filtration systems *, keeps your aquarium water with low levels of contamination. 
Note (*) biological filter, internal filter and external filter. 

Installation: Install the air compressor always above water level, and outside the aquarium. 


• Power: 2.8 W 
Pressure: 0.01Mpa 
• Consumption: 2.08 Kw / month (on 24h / day) 
• Flow: 4 Liters / min
• Compact and quiet. 
• Weight: 210 grams 
• Dimensions: 10 x 4.5 x 6 cm 

Recommendations for longer compressor life: 

• Use only good quality porous stone;
• clean the porous stone every 15 days; 
• do not obstruct air outlets with regulators; 
• do not use air dividers; 
• Do not use compressors in environments that have a high dust content as this will damage the internal components of the “lung”.