Boyu - S2000 Aquarium Air Pump

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Boyus S-2000 air pump, with two air outlets and a flow rate of 480l/h.

It is very compact with dimensions of 163 x 105 x 88mm, and is assembled in a plastic casing with rounded edges, to give it an elegant and functional finish.

It has two air outlets, which allow us to connect two stone diffusers and thus better oxygenate the water in large tank, placing them at a distance from each other. In addition, it is very efficient, consuming only 3w of power.

It must be installed higher than the liquid in the nutrient solution tank, to prevent water from entering the silicone tube in the event of a power failure. Do not place it on the floor.

Boyus S-2000 air pump info:

  • Boyus S-2000
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Consumption: 3w
  • Maximum pressure: 0.012 MP
  • Maximum flow rate: 2x4L per min
  • 2 air outlets
  • Dimensions: 163 x 105 x 88mm
  • O.82Kg