BOYU - Water Level Alarm

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Name: Water Level Alarm

Model: SW-01

Wire length: about 1 meter

Weight: about 0.15 kg



1. Refined plastic engineering and electronic components

2. Alarm of high and low water level can be adjusted as needed.

3. Division design, audible and visual alarm, easy to use

4. use cell button ( goods not included, need to buy separately ) is safe to use.


Direction of use:

Place the probe part of the alarm into the water and adjust the height. When the water level is below the lowest level, the alarm gives an alarm. It is suitable for monitoring tank water level fish and water bottom cylinder level.


Matters requiring attention:

Please read the product description and precautions before using it.

When installing the water level probe, point A must be at the lower end and point C at the top end. The alarm can not be placed in water or soaked with water, only the probe needs to be put into water.

Please identify positive and negative electrodes when replacing batteries.