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Brightwell Aquatics Refractometer & Hydrometer Calibration Standard

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Your refractometer is only as reliable as your calibration solution!

Calibrating your refractometer only takes a minute and is a critical step in ensuring your tanks saltwater is mixed correctly.

1.0264sg  |  35ppt  |  53µS


Two Sizes Available

  • 60mL - great for refractometers
  • 250mL - ideal for hydrometers


Calibration of any testing device is required and the more often you perform calibration procedures the more accurate your readings will be. Refractometers are notorious for giving different readings depending on the ambient light of the room you are in. It is suggested to calibrate refractometers once a month or whenever the ambient light may change. 


Refractometer Calibration Instructions:

1. Shake well!

2. Clean and dry the refractometer prism with a soft cloth.

3. Place several drops of Brightwell's Refractometer Calibration Solution on the prism and close the cover.

4. Wait 45 seconds before taking a reading.

5. While looking through the refractometer, turn the calibration screw until it reads 35ppt.


Ingredients - High purity salts



35 ppt @ 25°c

1.0264 ppt @ 25°c

53 µS @ 25°c

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