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BCUK Calanus Reef Grazer

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The Calanus® Reef Grazer™ provides all the superb properties of the Calanus® including the essential fatty acids EPA, DHA and SDA combined with seven species of marine algae. The Calanus® Reef Grazer™ offers a complete diet for all tropical and marine grazers. Watch your fish feed closer to the glass than ever before with the Calanus® Reef Grazer™.


Composition: Calanus®, Seaweed, Crustaceans and Molluscs, Fish and Fish Derivatives, Vegetable Proteins, Oils and Fats. 


Avaialble in 100g containers and 1kg buckets.

Protein: 20%
Fibre: 0.4%
Lipids: 12%
Ash: 11.2%
Moisture (Approx.): 21%
Phosphorus: 0.37%