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CHIHIROS WRGB II Series | WRGB 2 45 Planted Aquarium LED Light | For 45-60cm tanks | Wireless App Control

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The WRGB II by Chihiros is an LED system series, which serves the complete colour range of aquatic plants with its optimised design of differently coloured LEDs. It is particularly suitable for densely planted tanks and plants that need intense light. The WRGB II makes red, green and blue colours shine especially vividly. At a relatively low power consumption, the different variations illuminate the complete tank with a high radiation angle and suite aquarium sizes from 30 to 140 cm length.

The light-system is programmed via the "My Chihiros App" directly and does not need an additional commander, which makes a notable difference to the LED series WRGB I. The app offers individual control over the three colour channels "R" (red), "G" (green) and "B" (blue), as well as individually programmable daily phases. Sunrise and sunset can be imitated, too. There is no need for an external timer because all schedules can be saved as desired.

By default, you can only controll the light via bluetooth, if you also want to use it via wifi, we recommend purchasing the Wifi Hub.

Chihiros LED System - Series WRGB II - 45
Power consumption 49 W
Luminous flux 3.600 Lumen


WRGB II - 45
Width 14 cm
Length 45 cm
Height 1,8 cm
Suitable for tank size 45 - 60 cm
Suitable for glass thickness up to 10 mm