Discusfood Artemia 50% - Soft Microgranulate 0.5 mm Superfood

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50% Artemia make this complete feed for almost all freshwater and saltwater fish an absolutely unique speciality. Here the name really lives up to its promise.

With the granulates listed below, your ornamental fish receive an optimal nutrient supply through the combination of 50% pure artemia and valuable plant proteins, vitamins, minerals and high-quality fatty acids.

As crustaceans, Artemia are a wonderfully natural source of nutrients. The high chitin content also supports intestinal cleaning.

Through full extrusion, the nutrients in the 50% Artemia granules are optimally broken down, which facilitates feed conversion and leads to a reduction in the usual amount of feed.

In conventional production processes with high temperatures and pressures, the structure of feed flakes and granulates is destroyed and thus ineffective. In the production of our Artemia 50% granules, the heat-sensitive components are only added after the base mass has cooled, so that a very low-germ feed is produced, which is still effective for example in vitamins and probiotics and passes them on to the fish.