CO2 Micro-Perler Special

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Dennerle Profi-Line CO2 Micro-Perler Special - 50 - 400 L
  • Especially for * external filter for mounting on the intake manifold and thus out of sight!
  • Powerful and compact. Including CO2 bubble counter Exact
  • Size WxH in cm: approx. 4.5x13.6

INFO: The Dennerle CO2 MicroPerler Special can be combined with all commercially available CO2 supply systems.

Mode of operation: CO2 is pushed through the micro pore tube. Thousands of the finest CO2 bubbles are created, which dissolve quickly and effectively in the constantly flowing water. The CO2-enriched water passes through the filter, via the filter return, into the aquarium. Other gases naturally dissolved in the aquarium water - so-called false gases - are also entrained, but do not dissolve, but form small bubbles which are automatically expelled by the filter.

The CO2 Micro-Perler Special is used instead of the normal filter basket on the intake pipe of the external filter and supplies, with normal CO2 requirements, aquaria up to 400 liters.