Dosator | Automatic Fertilizer Disperser for Aquaria

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Dennerle Dosator - Automated daily application of aquarium plants. Works without electricity!

Aquarium plants are fertilized with the Dosator as it happens in nature, as they receive a constant amount of nutrients through the device. Too high fertilizer doses by usually usually applied intermittent fertilization (eg once a week adding the complete weekly dose) can now be replaced thanks to the dosator by a need-based nutrient supply of aquatic plants.

Mode of operation: The aquarium water passes through the semi-permeable special membrane into the reservoir of the dosator. The nutrient solution is then brought drop by drop via the riser into the aquarium. Please note that the riser with the upper edge, depending on fertilizer filling, is up to 7 cm above the water surface. With increasing nutrient consumption, the fertilizer-water mixture contained in the doser then loses its original color. If the S7 VitaMix turns orange or the V30 complete yellowish green, the nutrients are used up and it is time again to bring new fertilizer.

As part of the Dennerle fertilizing system , the Dosator V30 complete fertilizer can now be dosed automatically and evenly over four weeks. S7 VitaMix for one week (with second doser). Then add a Tab E15 FerActiv iron fertilizer per 100 liters of aquarium water directly to the aquarium water every four weeks.

V30 Complete as sole fertilizer - Application: Every 4 weeks.
Dosage: Filling with V30 Complete: up to the appropriate marking - aquarium size x2, ie with a 100 liter aquarium up to the 200 liter mark, etc .. Dosage ring: Use of the appropriate size - aquarium size x2, ie with a 100 liter aquarium the 200 liter ring etc ,

Note Both liquids can not be used in one doser! In order to use S7 and V30 in the fertilizer system, two dosers are needed. Of course aquariums over 300 liters can also be supplied with the dosing system - simply add a second dosing device for each fluid S7 or V30!

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