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Power Tabs supply aquarium plants with all the important nutrients they need for healthy, lush growth - ideal for heavily rooted species. All nutrients are in a form directly available to the plants with immediate and lasting effects. Valuable trace elements such as iron and manganese ensure lush, green leaves. Red colours are intensified and attractive markings made clearer.

The rooting phase is a difficult time for any aquarium plant: They have to completely regrow their root network and become acclimatised to the new water and substrate conditions. Dennerle PowerTabs ensure that newly planted aquarium plants root securely and grow strongly right from the start.Special root activators promote root growth so that the plant can become anchored into the substrate quickly. A specially formulated nutrient complex helps the plants to adapt to the new conditions more quickly.

The substrate of any aquarium loses nutrients over the course of the year. The substrate should be rejuvenated at the latest when the resulting growth impairments can no longer be remedied by means of normal fertilisation of the water column (leaf fertilisation).

Dennerle PowerTabs replenish the nutrient reserves in the substrate. They fill nutrient gaps that inevitable arise as an aquarium gets older, especially in terms of essential trace elements.


  • For lush, strong growth
  • Perfectly balanced nutrients and trace elements
  • Plus iron and manganese for colourful leaves
  • With natural clay minerals as a nutrient buffer
  • Immediate and lasting effect
  • Ideal start-up support for new plants ? for fast, secure rooting
  • Fresh growing power for older plants
  • Eliminate lack of nutrients (stunted growth, pale colours, yellow leaves)
  • Send nutrients straight to the roots ? does not promote algae


Depending on the size of the plant, push 1-2 Power Tabs as deep as possible into the area of the plant's roots. The nutrient depot lasts 6-12 months, depending on the plant species.

To refresh the substrate as a whole, PowerTabs can also be used over large areas. To do this push PowerTabs into the substrate at 10-15 cm intervals.