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  • Supplies the aquarium with essential trace elements and vital substances
  • Adds quickly depleted nutrients and substances
  • Cures symptoms of deficiency

Vitamins, plant enzymes and other organic agents constantly regenerate in nature in combination with natural sunlight. These vital substances not only promote the health and colourfulness of the fish, but also the growth of the aquarium plants.

Aquaria lack natural sources of vitamins. In addition, most vitamins are not stable in the long term or are quickly exhausted. So it is all the more important to supplement these essential vital substances regularly.
The vitamin complex concentrate S7 VitaMix provides the plants with all the necessary vitamins and other vital substances needed in the short term.

  • With boron, iron and manganese
  • Promotes healthy, even growth
  • For lush green leaves and intense, bright colours
  • Optimal effect as part of the Dennerle fertilising system (V30, E15, S7)
  • For lush plants with vibrantly coloured leaves


Essential micronutrients
Aquarium plants and also aquarium fish and the filter microorganisms need numerous minerals, trace elements and other vital substances. There are generally not enough of these micronutrients in tap water so they should be added to the aquarium regularly.


Weekly (e.g. every Sunday) 2 pumps S7 VitaMix per 100 litres aquarium water


PerfectPlant fertilizer system:

For Aquarium

Dosage V30

Dosage ring size V30

Cycle V30

Dosage S7

Dosage ring size S7

Cycle S7

250-300 L

9 ml 3

4 weeks

9 ml without = max.

1 week

150-200 L

6 ml 2

4 weeks

6 ml 6

1 week

50-100 L

3 ml 1

4 weeks

3 ml 4

1 week

E15:  Every 4 weeks (e.g. every month on the 15th) 1 tablet per 100 litres  of aquarium water