EIHO - Optimal / 220gm

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Removes chloramines, chlorine from tap water
Binds to harmful ammonia
Super concentrated formula

EIHO OPTIMAL is a super concentrated water conditioner for tap water. It is a ready to use powder and reacts instantly, turning tap water to “fish-safe” water. • Removes chloramines and chlorines instantly • Detoxifies ammonia and nitrites • Detoxifies heavy metals that can be found in tap water • Is non acidic and will not affect pH values • Makes water safe for fish almost instantly • Boost KH and prevent pH crashes • Replace electrolytes that can be lost during water change
For water change, use 5ml (5g) for 75L. To reduce toxicity of ammonia and nitrite in existing tank water, Optimal can be added at 5ml (5g) for 100L. It can be added straight to the tank or pond. However, it will be best to add to new water during water change. For a large pond or aquarium, dissolve Optimal in some water before pouring the solution over a few areas of the tank or pond. It is best to provide adequate aeration for at least 1 hour after addition of solution or water change. For areas of extremely high chloramines, chlorine and ammonia level, Optimal can be safely used at double dosage.

220g treats 3322L