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FritzPro Magnesium Chloride is a high-quality concentrated magnesium salt that is designed to replenish magnesium in captive reef systems. Monitoring and maintaining proper magnesium levels is an important part of stabilizing water chemistry values, resulting in better coral, coralline algae and invertebrate growth and health.

Being the third most abundant ion in natural seawater behind sodium and chloride, magnesium is an important ion for reef aquarists to understand and monitor. Magnesium is an important part in many biological processes and is an essential part of calcification. In addition to its many biological functions, magnesium helps to stabilize the correct combination of calcium, alkalinity and pH values. Severely low magnesium levels can cause low pH values and the inability to maintain proper alkalinity and calcium values. Magnesium also serves to prevent the excessive precipitation of calcium carbonate from aquarium water.

The recommended level of magnesium in the aquarium is 1250 ppm to 1350 ppm. If magnesium levels fall below this, calcium has been found to be much more difficult to get to the proper levels of concentration. Unfortunately, magnesium often is depleted from reef aquariums as calcification incorporates it into calcium carbonate skeletons and precipitates. This means magnesium concentrations that are too low can cause pumps and heaters (and any warm object) to get coated with precipitating calcium carbonate.