Hikari Bio-Pure FD Freeze Dried Food

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Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Blood Worms

● I fully add vitamins because
I make various vitamins which are apt to be short in natural feed a small mist state and let you absorb a mist, it is effective for stress reduction, the health maintenance of fish.
● Freeze vacuum dry processing (freeze dry) not to disturb a cell
Because I do not disturb a larva of a Tendipes dorsalis original nutrient, a flavor, nutritive value is high and eats well. In addition, it is in a condition to be easy to eat softly when I dip it into the water.
Freshness lasts a long time
By nitrogen filling processing, deoxidant use, I prevent the oxidation before the opening a letter. Furthermore, I suppress the oxidation of the fat content included in the larva of a Tendipes dorsalis by an effect of vitamin E.

Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

An Excellent Live Food Alternative

  • Excellent natural protein source free of harmful parasites and bacteria
  • A meaty treat most tropical and marine fish love
  • A food source marine fish feed on in the wild

Bio-Encapsulated Multi-Vitamin Rich

  • Makes vitamins available to your aquatic pet that the live animal would not offer
  • Gut-loaded to assure each bite contains what we know your fish need
  • Encapsulated to avoid utilization by the brine shrimp before freezing
  • Easy to feed cubes quickly hydrate and separate when put in water