Hydor - Digital Automatic Feeder

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Hydor Feeder  digital is a battery operated digital automatic feeder with display for all aquarium fish. The Hydor feeder has a see-through, detachable, high capacity container (approx 90 ml). Up to two feeding times can be programmed. 10 different dose settings are possible. The special mixing vibration prevents clumps from forming. The Hydor Feeder  has a connector for air hose to ventilate the food. A special internal system stops the air output automatically during the feeding, thus avoiding the risk of too large a quantity of food being fed into the tank.

+ digital controller with LCD-Display
+ up to 2 feedings can be programmed
+ 10 different dose settings possible
+ vibrations system against food clumping
+ air hose connector
+ dimensions: 150x76x60 mm