Hydor - Professional 600 External Canister Filter | 380-600 Liter Tank

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Product Description

The compact, easy-to-use Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filter enables mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration for optimal health and longevity in marine or freshwater aquariums. Although this canister-style filter is designed to take up minimal space in your aquarium setup, Hydor's Professional External Aquarium Filter provides a significantly large filter volume.

The Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filter offers energy-efficient, silent-running performance and features an integrated priming pump for extremely easy startup. Additional advanced features of this outstanding aquarium filter include:

  • A magnetic rotor with ceramic shaft
  • No water bypass
  • A telescopic intake
  • Safety locks
  • Fully adjustable in/out pipes
  • Quick-release hosetail taps

The Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filter includes the following filtration media: filter wool for super-fine mechanical filtration, highly porous Bio-Rings, and a large-pore sponge for mechanical filtering.

The Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filter is UL-listed and includes a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

For aquariums up to 150g.