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Keep your aquarium water topped off with the Smart Level Controller by Hydor. Easily install the controller in your sump or aquarium. The electronic sensor features LED lights to display miniumum water level, maximum water level and alarm mode. Additionally, an audible alarm will sound if water level reaches alarm sensor. Maximum Pump Power: 50W

To replenish water loss due to evaporation, use a top off pump (sold separately) with a maximum power of 50W. Note that it is best to use a pump that tops off slowly within 10 minutes (maximum topping-off time).

  • Easy to install with no moving parts to malfunction by algae or salt creep
  • Sensor is unaffected by surface movement thus eliminating false alarms
  • Magnet and suction cup included - Mount up to .4" (10mm) thick aquarium
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater applications

Hydor ATO Dimensions:

  • 5.75" W x 1" L x 4" H
  • Included: Suction cup magnet mount for sensor
  • Adhesive cable clamp for routing sensor cable
  • Level sensor on 7" long cable