JBL - Manado

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  • Optimal plant care through porous structure and nutrient storage function: substrate for freshwater aquariums
  • Vigorous plant growth, prevents algae: effective settlement of beneficial soil bacteria and ideal root growth thanks to natural pore structure. Support for the filter. Crystal-clear water
  • Ideal for fish, invertebrates and plants: no unwanted pollutants released into the water. Round-shaped granule grains are gentle on sensitive barbels of bottom-dwellers
  • High storage capacity: the natural substrate absorbs the surplus nutrients and releases them when required


JBL Manado is a natural substrate which filters and enhances plant growth. The natural pore structure of JBL Manado promotes effective and fast colonisation by beneficial ground bacteria and cleansing bacteria. This greatly inhibits the growth of unwanted algae right from the start, reducing the work-load on the filter and ensuring crystal-clear water. JBL Manado, with its porous structure, promotes strong root growth and is perfect for successful plant care. A combination of JBL ProFlora AquaBasis plus as long-term nutrient substrate with JBL Manado as a covering layer guarentees luxuriant plant growth. JBL Manado is capable of storing excess nutrients, rather like a battery, and releasing them again when they are needed. JBL Manado is neutral in water, releasing neither unwanted pollutants no hardeners into the aquarium water. The granulate grains are rounded and gentle on the sensitive barbels of ground-dwelling fish.
Instructions for use:
JBL Manado should be rinsed briefly in tap water to remove any small dust particles rubbed off during the transport. Take care not to stire up the substrate when filling the aquarium with water. Due to their porous structure, a few granulates may float to the surface. These can be easily removed with a fish net.