K-1 Micro Filter Media [ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor ] for Aquaponics • Aquaculture • Hydroponics • Ponds • Aquariums

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  • REMOVES TOXINS FAST, EFFICIENTLY to create perfect environments for fish and plant life. Extra-large surface area builds robust good bacteria colonies to purify water of toxic ammonia and nitrites.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY VIRGIN POLYETHYLENE that is NOT Recycled. Beware of others offering recycled material which can be TOXIC! We only sell brand NEW K1 MICRO Media that has never been used before. Colonize essential bacteria for hydroponically grown plants.
  • 6mm X 7mm (.24in X .28in). Supports about 35 pounds of fish per 2 cubic feet. This K1 MICRO is extremely efficient requiring less than other designs to create outstanding bacteria. Excellent purification for any Aquarium or Pond.
  • EXCELLENT FOR AQUAPONICS, AQUACULTURE, HYDROPONICS. Many commercial operations insist on our products for their very high quality and our knowledgeable & honest approach. This K1 MICRO Filter Media will help optimize your growing whether you are a business or a dedicated DIYer working from home