Maxspect Jump MJ-L165 Blue LED Light

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One system, multiple spectrums!

Full spectrum with multi-phase color temperature technology. With our patented technology, the L165 LED lighting system can be easily configured for different color spectra without sacrificing performance!

While some LED systems lose up to 40% of their performance when set to different color temperatures, the Maxspect Jump L165 LED system operates between 95-100% (between 62-65 W) of maximum efficiency between different color profiles.

Smart Aquarium Management System by Syna-G Cloud App

The brand new Syna-G Cloud platform allows you to remotely control your LED system all over the world. The APP also allows you to program a moonlight with the automated lunar cycle or create an acclimation schedule so your corals can adapt to the new light. Profile Library provides easy access and sharing of setting profiles.

The Maxspect MJ-L165 blue is suitable for aquariums from 30 to 60 x 60 x 60 cm (L x W x H).

For aquariums with SPS corals, for example, one MJ-L165 module is required per 30 cm aquarium length. E.g. for a Full-SPS aquarium with a length of 180 cm, 6 MJ-L165 modules are required.

Technical data

  • MJ-L165 blue - 65W
  • Dimensions without bracket (L x W x H): 222 × 176 × 32 mm
  • Weight: 811 g

Specifications of the product

Model MJ-L165
Power 65w
Suitable for aquariums 30 - 60cm / 12 "- 24"
Weight (LED Module) 811g / 1.8lbs
Dimensions (Without bracket) 222 × 176 × 32mm
8.5 "× 7" × 1.5 "

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