Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio Sphere

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  • Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere
  • 1Kg / 2.2lbs: 44 Spheres | Treats 750 gal | Total Surface Area: 25,575 ft2
  • 2Kg / 4.4lbs: 88 Spheres | Treats 1,500 gal | Total Surface Area: 51,150 ft2
  • Comes with 10in x 10in drawstring media bag

  • Ultra-high surface cross-cutting ratio and filtration area.

    Nano-Tech Bio-Media is made of ceramic beads and is completely inert.

    Adopted from the sewage treatment industry, the Nano-Tech Bio-Media uses a proprietary technology to form the inert ceramic beads into a manageable shape (spheres, blocks, plugs) for household aquariums.

    With an ultra-high surface cross-cutting ratio and filtration area, each Bio-Sphere has up to 54m² surface area (580ft²) and each Bio-Block has up to 1,080m² surface area (11,635ft²) for the establishment of bacterial colonies, which allows it to effectively control the quality and stability of the water column.

    With the use of stabilized microbial sewage treatment technology (W-BAF), the Bio-Media have a unique advantage in the treatment of water column with high Ammonia-Nitrogen (NH4-N) and high Nitrate-Nitrogen (NO3-N).

    The Bio-Spheres/Bio-Blocks excel at establishing bacterial colonies in forms of Bio-Nano Composite Films, it allows different species of bacteria and fungi to grow on its large surface area, such as nitrifying acteria (including species of the genera Nitrosomonas, Nitrosococcus, Nitrobacter and Nitrococcus), yeast, phototrophic prokaryotes, etc.

    The Bio-Spheres/Bio-Blocks are carefully manufactured to ensure its quality, the well-designed porous structure of the Bio-Spheres/Bio-Blocks create the ideal living conditions and environment for bacterial colonies, but will not be decomposed by the bacterial colonies that grows within it.

    Only 10 pieces Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere can replace up to 20lbs (10kgs) live rocks.

    For Bio-Blocks,simply place them directly in your sump or area with high water flow.

    Putting all Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere in mesh bag make it easy to maintenance and save huge place for other equipments. It can be used in both fresh water and seawater environment.

      Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere
    Type Ceramic based.
    Uniform sized nano-beads
    form into a sphere.
    Ceramic based.
    Uniform sized nano-beads
    form into a sphere.
    Package Size 1.0 Kg / 2.2 lbs 2.0 Kg / 4.4 lbs
    Number of spheres per box 40 80
    Surface per sphere 54 m2/ 580 ft2 54 m2/ 580 ft2
    Total Surface per box 2,376 m2/ 25,575 ft2 4,752 m2/ 51,150 ft2
    Treats 2,850 L / 750 Gal 5,400 L / 1,500 Gal

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    MAXSPECT - Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere