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Neptune Systems Trident & Apex EL Controller System Bundle

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Neptune Trident

The Neptune Trident Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer is an add on to the Apex system that allows you to automate testing for levels of Calcium, Alkalinity, or Magnesium in your saltwater aquarium. It can also be paired with the Neptune DOS, which is sold separately, to create an automatic testing and dosing cycle to help maintain proper and consistent levels. Testing is also made much quieter with this unit, when placed inside a cabinet it is virtually silent. And because it is integrated with your Apex unit, you can also program alerts for out of range parameters and make adjustments on the app as well as view your tank stats.

Set up and integration will take about 15 minutes, and with about a month's supply of reagents, you can get the hang of things long before you have to replace them. The ration amount of reagents included is considered a two month supply, however with the initial set up the system will require a small amount to get started which leaves a little over a one month supply, depending on how often you test your system. The max headroom will need to be less than 4' from the water sample. Each time the system tests the water, it will require around 8 mL and last for about 7 minutes.

Specifications for testing precision
Alkalinity        +/- .05 dKh
Calcium          +/- 15 ppm
Magnesium   +/- 15 ppm

1 x Trident Sytem
1 x 1Link Cable
1 x 1-Month Reagent Supply
5' Black Sample Tubing
5' Clear Waste Tubing
The Neptune Systems Apex-EL Aquarium Controller has built-in WiFi, Temperature, pH, monitoring and much more!. Set reminders, log testing and dosing information, and access your tank from anywhere with Apex Fusion!

Get all the features of the flagship Apex Controller System at an affordable price with the ApexEL Aquarium Controller System.

Included WiFi lets you now connect to the internet even easier. With the Fusion Cloud interface, everything is easier from calibrating probes to customizing outlets. Fusion gives you the ability to monitor and control you Apex from anywhere in the world.

The Neptune Systems EnergyBar 832 has been completely redesigned, with more robust outlets, individual LEDs show the status of each outlet, per outlet power consumption monitoring, and 1Link Accessories like the DOS and WAV pump can now connect directly to the EnergyBar 832 saving room and eliminate messy cords keeping your tank's equipment looking perfect.

Monitor and Control:
  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Outlets
  • 24VDC accessories
  • WAV pumps
  • Individual outlet power consumption
  • 1x ApexEL Base Unit
  • 1x EnergyBar 832
  • 1x Temperature Probe
  • 1x Double Junction pH Probe
  • 1x 6ft AquaBus Cable
  • 1x 7.0 pH Calibration Solution Packet
  • 1x 10.0 pH Calibration Solution Packet

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