OSI Pure Artemia Eggs | Ready to hatch Brine Shrimp eggs

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O . S . I (Ocean Star International.INC,USA) PRO 80: Pure Artemia Eggs

  • Artemia cysts - 80% hatch rate gold
  • Artemia cysts - 90% hatch rate red
  • A Product of U.S.A

    Size: 454 gm

    O.S.I. Brine Shrimp Eggs (Artemia Cysts) are harvested from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, U.S.A. The eggs are washed, dried and vacuum packed. Before shipping, all lots of eggs are tested for hatchability. Newly hatched nauplii from these eggs provide one of nature's finest, nutritious foods for many fishes and invertebrates. The resulting nauplii contain approximately 61% protein and are rich in fatty acids and pigments.
    OSI Brine Shrimp Eggs (Atremia Cysts) are the world best quality brine shrimp eggs use world over by breeders to feed fish fry (Baby Fishes) .
    OSI Yellow Ring ( Gold ) with 80% + hatching rate
    YELLOW RING denotes 80-85% hatch rate. The tin has 425grams (15 Ounces) of cysts. Brine shrimp larve is the best feed for the fish fry (Baby Fish) and baby shrimps and prawns. Larve hatching out of the eggs are rich in Protien upto 61%. The quality of OSI is exceptionally good compared to any other in the world because The Great Salt Lake (GSL) in Utah USA is the biggest natural salt lake which has the brine shrimp strain franciscana.

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    Trisha C.c.
    About the eggs

    I think the eggs should be packed in a seal plastic bag inside the tin because ounce you open the tin the eggs remain expose to the air..the eggs hatch well but babies die very quickly.