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In most cases, exotic native fishes like Arowanas and Stingrays dwell in the natural ponds or lakes and their staple diet are normally live feeds. In this, parasitical attacks can derive from these live feeders and the environment as well. If the fishes are left not treated, in will lead to a lot of secondary infection and sickness problems. Some of the problems caused by parasitical attacks would be ulcer growth, fungus infection, forming slime etc. Fishes contracted such will lose body mass, color and then eventual fatality.


For normal ornamental fishes, the use of common anti-parasite medication is sufficed. But when such is to treat premium fishes like Arowanas and Stingrays or any other sensitive exotic fishes, it will cause fatality almost instantly. Other method or Anchor Worm/Fish Lice removal is by the use of manual extraction (fingernails) of the Anchor Worm/Fish Live from the fish body. As Arowanas and Stingrays are big body massed fishes, such task would not be accomplished easily. Such method is also exposing to a lot of dangers like hurting the fish and causing permanent injury. Some injury sustained will cause the value of the fish to drop.


Knowing such constraint, Ocean Free® had made countless tests through the years with joint projects with top Arowana breeding farms to derive the ‘Ocean Free® ‘0’Anchor Worm & Fish Lice”. A totally safe and effective product that can be used for treatment as well as prevention of parasitical attack. This is a must have breakthrough product for all Arowana, Stingray and sensitive exotic fishes.