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Classica Super Grade Zeolite

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  • Classica Super Grade Zeolite - 500g:• rapidly absorbed significantly reducing the hazard of toxic chemicals type nitrites and nitrates (NH3 and NH4) in water• absorbs and neutralizes toxic chemicals and metals• water eliminates odors and prevents the accumulation of organic load (NO2)• Guarantees a beneficial water and chemical parameters normalClassica Super Grade Zeolite is specially obtained from non- polluted zeolitemine. Densely rich in mineral content and will effcetively remove poisonous chemical compounds like ammonia etc. This product also will emit minerals and trace elements.Highly beneficial to ornamental fishes and aquatic plants. Its coarse porous surface is able to nurture good beneficial bacteria for best water purification and sustaining water quality.
Classica Super Grade Zeolite - 500g