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Complete range of Flowerhorn cichlid medication for all types of ornamental aquatic diseases
-High safety density and effective
-For treatment and preventive purposes
-Widely used by Flowerhorn cichlid breeders, serious hobbyist and experts

"Special Flower Horn Disease Away" is the latest breakthrough in the Ocean Free medication series to prevent and act against a large range of Flower Horn diseases causing organism Diseases include hexamita, gill diseases, bacteria infestation, fungus attack, sparazon, external parasites, external lesions, prorozoa(costia, chilodonella, trichoding etc), crustacea (argulus, lernaea) This medication is safe and easy to use and recommended to use as preventive measure for your fish It is a disinfectant as well to improve water quality Excellent medication to be used for dip treatment of fishes and aquatic plants Special formulated for the Flower Horn family

 Flowerhorn – Ulcer & Internal Bcteria Away 150ml
Treats Flowerhorn related diseases such as blood streaks, ulcers, dropsy, abdominal swelling and gill rot caused by bacteria.
Internal bacterial infections or ulcers do cause sudden deaths of Flowerhorns. Some deaths do not even show symptoms; “Special Flowerhorn Ulcer & Bacteria Away” is one of the most advanced remedies against such infestations and stops it spreading as well. Less toxic than other commercial medications and does not cloud the aquarium water.

Flower horn White Spot, Slime & Velvet Away
Treats Flowerhorn related diseases such as gill fluke, parasitical attack, white spot, slime & velvet disease organisms.
Small amount of harmful bacteria and gill/skin parasites are always present in the tank water These entities will attack the flower horn cichild when the fish is under stress This will indefinitely harm the fish during its acclimatization period This special formulated mediocation is to tackle such incidents Proven harmless to all tropical fishes, filter bacteria and aquatic plants Best use for Flower Horn.

Bacteria and fungus infestation will cause various diseases like cotton wool disease, tail/fin/body rot or ragged fin These are very common disease in the flower horn cichild family This medication is strongly recommended to treat and prevent the spread of such diseases, which could be fatal Proven harmless to other tropical fishes, filter bacteria and aquatic plants Specially formulated for the flower horn  family

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Flower harm

My fish was some skin infection pls tell medicine