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Ocean Free - Hydra 20 | Internal Filter and Depurator

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Biological & Mechanical Filtration

A premium filter sponge used to trap suspended debris. High porosity sponge also allows beneficial bacteria to colonise the surface area provided.

The Hydra Internal Filter and Depurator also acts as a traditional internal filter – trapping dirt and debris in it's foam insert. Suitable for aquariums up to 800 Litres, please see technical specifications for details on what filter would be suit your aquarium. Unique filter media lasts 12 months.

Hydro-Pure Technology

The Hydra Internal Filter and Depurator is no normal internal filter. Using Hydro-Pure technology that is capable of enhancing the natural filtration processes in aquariums by as much as 50% when compared to conventional systems. With the help of the Cata-Pure Cartridge the traditional nitrogen cycle is sped up as several stages are by passed andunnecessary.

Hydro-Pure Technology is a patented water detoxifying and depurating technology for applications in both Marine and freshwater Aquatic Hobby. It consists of two electro-plates to energize a cartridge box containing special Cata-pure Catalyst Media to generate strong reactive Hydroxyl radicals (•OH), which is the key to the detoxifying and depurating reactions process.