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Super Battle Bacteria 8000

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Super Battle Bacteria 8000 (liquid type) has the highest concentration of stable purified liquid bacterial spores and excellent extra cellular enzyme production. Using innovative technology to preserve live bacteria in special liquid, these living bacteria will only be activated after being released into water. Live bacteria are in their hibernating stage during the storage period, therefore this product does not require any special storage environment. Just place them under cool area will do. It is that simple and convenient.

Key Features:

  • Fast and effective
  • Encourage denitrification
  • Cultivate both aerobic & anaerobic bacteria, also facilitate their growth
  • Clean sludge by breaking down large and complex organic compounds quickly and effectively
  • Control odors while reducing C.O.D. and B.O.D
  • Solve green water and algae problem, and help to prevent fish disease
  • Extended shelf life, guarantee high bacterial counts with over 6.8 billion cell count per ml of liquid
  • Non-pathogenic and environmentally safe
  • For old or new tanks/pond for fast establishment
  • Improve aquatic plants’ regeneration rate
  • 250ml treats 10500L
  • For freshwater and saltwater


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anupom Biswas
very good product