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Oxyturbo Major 2 Dual Stage CO2 Regulator with Solenoid Valve

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The highest quality CO2 pressure regulator (made in Italy) by Oxyturbo, used by the professionals around the world. Unlike other regulators, these regulators comes with 3 years warranty and are built to last a lifetime. The regulator is equipped with two gauges one for cylinder working pressure an other for the output pressure reading, the fine tune needle valve can be precisely used to set the output of Co2 for a nano cube to larger planted aquariums along with hose connection to connect the co2 piping.
The Oxyturbo CO2 pressure reducer can be used with any of the CO2 cylinder sizes, providing they have standard connectors.
Oxyturbo solenoid valve allows an automatic supply of carbon dioxide flow via a timer or manually for the more efficient control of CO2, controlling and preventing the influx of high pressure into the aquarium.
The Oxyturbo solenoid is an electronic solenoid valve for Co2 which has a high quality nickel plated brass body with a maximum operating pressure of 4 bar / 60 psi, pressure fittings for flexible hose and can be connected to Co2 Hose/Pipe. The solenoid coil consumes only 2W preventing overheating. It operates using a power source of 220V standard in India.
Without the use of a solenoid valve it is practically impossible to maintain properly high Co2 levels during the day - when plants need the carbon for their photosynthesis. Solenoid Valves also help us conserve/save the Co2 Gas by switching it off during the night.

Using a digital Timer:
Use a digital timer to start the Co2 injection 2 hours prior to switching the lights on. Stop the Co2 injection at the same time or before the light switch off. This will prevent high (above 30 ppm) Co2 levels during the night which can harm the fish and shrimp. 

Main component:
  • Cylinder working Pressure Gauge
  • Output pressure Gauge
  • Fine adjusting Needle Valve/Bubble Counter (6/4mm)
  • Main Pressure regulator valve
  • Oxyturbo solenoid

Function                    -  1 connection (single side), non-current carrying connection
Material                     -  brass, chrome plated
Operating pressure  -  0-4 bar, 0-60 psi
Medium                     -  CO2 gas
Connection               -  1 side Flexible hose/pipe 4/6 mm.
Voltage                      -  220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption -  2 Watts

Company Product Code - 365760 & Solenoid valve Item no Code: 299901
Weight -  1.2 kg
Shipping Weight - 1.3 kg

Country of Origin:

INSTALLATION SET UP: (Oxyturbo Solenoid)
It must only be used into the CO2 system. On the body of the solenoid valve, you find an arrow, that indicates the direction of the flow. First the solenoid is attached to the pressure regulator and the co2 hose is mounted to the outlet which goes into the aquarium.

3 Years

  1. Company website link - https://www.oxyturbo.it/product/major-2/?lang=en

⁃ Oxyturbo is used by all professional Aquascaper’s around the world including some renowned companies such as Green Aqua (Youtube).
⁃ Oxyturbo is made in Italy and is in business from more than 20 years.
⁃ Major 2 Regulator’s built quality is so strong that it is even used for commercial cylinders of 22KG.
⁃ Minimum M10x1 is first regulator of its kind which is preset to the required flow for your aquarium (for nano aquariums fine tuning bubble counter in-built), plug and play, with 3 year warranty.

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