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New Life Spectrum Probiotix Probiotic Fish Food

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New Life Spectrum® daily fish diet fortified with at least 3 million live probiotic cultures that support your fish’s digestion and helps keep water clean. The proprietary probiotic blend both increases nutrient absorption (for healthier fish and less + cleaner waste!) & acts in the water and filter to consume harmful phosphates. The core nutrition is based on the enhanced Thera+A Spectrum Nutrition Formula.

Pellet Size 

  • 0.5-0.75mm - 60/140 grams
  • 1-1.5mm - 150 grams


New Life Spectrum® premium fish pellets are formulated to enhance the health and color of your aquarium companions. In fact, this is backed by the Spectrum Guarantee for not only vitality and vibrancy, but also reversal of malnutrition-related issues that can cause fin, head and lateral line erosion. Find out more at

Each pellet of New Life Spectrum® is filled with premium, high-end ingredients like whole Antarctic krill, squid, spirulina, garlic, omega-3, wakame seaweed and more, with all the nutrition your fish needs in a one food.


  • Regular Pellet (1-1.5mm)
  • Negative Buoyancy (most pellets will sink)
  • 3 million+ live probiotic cultures
  • High-quality easily digestible marine proteins
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Manufactured in the USA

Feeding Instructions:

Feed twice daily. Amount should be able to be consumed by the fish within 1 minute or less

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ashwin Gogawale
Delivered on time, true original packet I have received with proper mfg. date & batch code of NLS

New Life Spectrum Food is great, their ingredients speak for themselves. Far better than major brands like Hikari, Tetra, OF, etc.

1 - 1.5m pallets are quite large for my tetra fishes very small tetras like amber, green neon, and rasbora struggle to eat them. So need to crush it before feeding.

The color got slightly enhanced with food after 15 days. But let's see how it goes in the long term, my fishes are already healthy and colorful. No huge difference.

And probiotic cultures-infused food is just a gimmick nothing is happening in the tank, maybe because my tank is already cycled and the water is crystal clear. If you have a new tank that is not well cycled probiotic cultures can clear the water.

Pallets are crazy tough even I can not crush them with fingers no matter how hard you pinch. Please have an option of small-size pallets guys.

The rest of the products, delivery, packaging, and service are great i am impressed with it.

"Please include the option of adding photos in the reviews."

Syed Munir
New Life Spectrum Naturox Marine Fish Formula

Great product, very good for fish.