Red Sea Trace Colors D Bioactive Elements

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Coral Colors D supplement (formerly Reef Colors D ) is part of Coral Coloration Red Sea program that includes complementary macroelements, microelements and trace elements. Coral Colors D contains silver, gold, vanadium and tungsten, plus 14 other trace elements, which play an important role in various metabolic processes of the hard and soft tissues of corals. Coral Colors D elements are related to the production and/or proper operation of pigments (chromoproteins) with a blue / purple color.

When establishing a routine supplementation you'll need a reliable analysis kit for calcium and suplement proportionally to the demand for it, which is a direct function of coral growth.

Instructions for use: add 1 ml of Coral Colors D for each replenishment 20 ppm calcium per 100 liters of aquarium water. Package contents: 500ml.