Red Sea RSK 900 REEFER Internal Protein Skimmer

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Red Sea Reefer Skimmers are powered by Sicce`s PSK Skimmer Pumps, a pump well known among hobbyists around the world for their efficient output.

The silent operation of the Reef Skimmers are attributed to the large air intake silencer, and the vibration dampening feet and connections.

The diffusion chamber of the Reefer Skimmers disperses microbubbles produced by the PSK skimmer pump evenly through the conical ergonomic body, while maintaining air and water flow.


  • FoamView window for foam regulation
  • Neck cleaner integration
  • Drain port connection with 3 foot draining hose
  • Graduated collection cup to monitor skimmate production
  • Highly effective air silencer
  • High volume reaction chamber
  • Sicce PSK Skimmer pump
  • Two positioning options for the skimmer pump
  • Precise gate valve for skimming control
  • Vibration reducing footing


Rated for 

  1. SPS Tanks:240 Gallons / 900 Liters
  2. Mixed Reef Tanks:500 Gallons / 1800 Liters
  3. Fish Only Tanks:740 Gallons / 2700 Liters

Sicce Pump Model:PSK-1200

Air Flow (GPH/LPH):235 / 900

Water Flow (GPH/LPH):530 / 2000

Dimensions:11.4"L x 10.6"W x 23"H

Recommended Water Depth:8-9" / 20-24cm