Salifert - All in One

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Salifert All-in-One contains almost everything needed for superb coral growth and beautiful colours.

Key Features:

  • Increase alkalinity
  • Boosts amino acid levels
  • Restores calcium, strontium and trace elements

Restoring all of the above will ensure that your corals grow beautifully in colour and health. Skeletal and soft tissue growth of both hard and soft corals benefit from this complex blend.

Magnesium for example is an essential ingredient for most biochemical processes which promote photosynthesis. Iron is great to support healthy nutrition and cobalt too will encourage healthy pigment formation.

This supplement is highly concentrated and contains 55,000 ppm of calcium, the equivalent of biologically activated bicarbonates and around 1000ppm of strontium. It only contains just the right amount of top quality ingredients to make the very best of your corals. 

Some other requirements:

  • Occasionally an additional boost of alkalinity with our KH+pH buffer is recommended to compensate for alkalinity lost by, e.g., decaying food. Also, iodine should be supplemented for excellent results.